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WINAM Company is currently a leading brand in Vietnam, providing comprehensive services including Consultation, Design, Distribution, and Installation of playground equipment, encompassing indoor and outdoor play areas, as well as water parks. We also offer indoor and outdoor sports equipment, EPDM safety rubber flooring, park furnishings, and related products.

Over the course of more than a decade of formation and development, WINAM has consistently worked to establish its brand with numerous domestic and international clients. Built by a team of experienced management personnel, experts, and engineers, WINAM possesses a significant advantage in creating differentiation through its people and a flexible, specialized, and adaptable human resource management system.

In recent years, WINAM has become known as one of the most reputable and reliable contractors in the Vietnamese playground and sports equipment market. With the core value of “Trust” always placed first, WINAM’s projects are consistently highly regarded by clients for their quality, progress, and safety throughout the construction process.

With a scientific and transparent management system, a dynamic and creative workforce, robust professional knowledge, and stable financial resources, in the near future, WINAM is poised to become one of the most reputable and professional contractors providing playground and sports equipment in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

What we do

As a premier provider of playground equipment, sports gear, and safety flooring, WINAM is dedicated to crafting spaces that inspire, thrill, and endure.

Design & Architecture landscape consultancy

Our designs demonstrate our dedication to combining creativity and functionality, offering a space where imagination meets purposeful design.

Installation of equipment

With a team of high-quality and highly skilled technicians, along with a systematic and professional selection and training process, WINAM is sure to bring peace of mind, trust, and satisfaction to customers.

Warranty & Maintenance of equipment

With a commitment to prioritizing quality, WINAM consistently strives to care for customers wholeheartedly, attentively, and effectively, coupled with comprehensive warranty and maintenance services.

Transforming Visions into Reality

Welcome to WINAM, where creativity meets craftsmanship to bring your ideas to life. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we strive to turn concepts into tangible, impactful realities.

Enhancing experiences through expertise

From recreational spaces to safety solutions, we excel in creating environments that elevate experiences for all customers.

Quality products and excellent service

The perfection of products and professionalism in service is the motto that WINAM constantly pursues. We pride ourselves on bringing top-class and quality experiences to our customers.

Standing By and Accompanying Our Customers

We walk alongside our customers and are always ready to assist. Our dedicated and professional team of consultants is poised to listen and address any inquiries, providing peace of mind and satisfaction to our valued clientele.

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