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WINAM, a leading brand in Vietnam, offers comprehensive services including design consultation, distribution, and installation of children’s play, fitness equipment and safety flooring. With a team of experienced experts and a commitment to quality, we’ve gained a strong reputation in the market. Our goal is to become a top supplier of playground and fitness equipment in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

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Multiarena metal 13m x 21m

  • Width of structure: 13 m
  • Length of structure: 21 m
  • Height of structure: 3.75 m
  • Recommended age of children: 5+
  • For simultaneous use by several children: 1-
  • Installers: 2
  • Installation time: 24 h

Multifunctional arena is made for different ball games, basketball, football, volleyball, tennis etc. The railings are made of hot galvanized metal panels and posts. It is also possible to choose a green or a special color product. Arena gates and basketball structures made of hot galvanized steel. The size of the arena and the flooring material (rubber surface, gravel, artificial grass) can be selected according to the preferred activity.

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29 August

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Elevate Design Excellence: Winam’s Design Manager Role Open

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Creating a nature-themed inclusive play space – MerPerle Hon Tam Resort

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Children Who Play With Sand Grow Up Stronger & Healthier

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15 June

3 Popular Playground Surfaces

Designing a safe playground starts from the ground up. It’s essential to have safe playground equipment, but the surface under the equipment also makes a…

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