Collection of the most popular trampoline park models today

Trampoline park is an attractive entertainment place that many people seek to experience. This entertainment model has been around for a long time, is suitable for all ages and is becoming more and more popular in big cities. So what is a trampoline park? Where is the trampoline park? What to play at the trampoline park and which trampoline models are popular today. Join Winam to find the answer through the article below.

Trampoline amusement park model

Trampoline amusement park model

1. What is a trampoline park?

Trampoline park is roughly understood as an amusement park that mainly uses spring floors, trampoline floors  has a large space with many different forms of movement. Under the influence of spring force, the human body is free to move up or down as desired. This is a new game of foreign origin, introduced to Vietnam many years ago and is gradually becoming widely popular in many provinces.

Trampoline helps train motor function, improve the digestive system, reduce stress and anxiety and help players better control their balance. However, when playing this game, you need to follow safety notes to avoid unnecessary incidents.

Trampoline amusement parks have many different models, the design is quite complicated and time-consuming. They are diverse in size, easy to transport, and have both indoor (indoor play area) and outdoor (outdoor children’s playground) models.

Currently, spring floors are mainly imported from abroad. The domestic market share of products does not have a variety of designs and does not meet all quality standards.

2. What is there to do at the trampoline park?

Many people who hear about trampoline amusement park often cannot imagine what it is without experiencing it firsthand.

Trampoline parks are also a type of play area like indoor children’s play areas and outdoor play areas in parks. The difference is that instead of having amusement equipment such as trampolines, seesaws, swings, ball houses, row houses, slides, etc., the park has spring mats, foam mats, and sponges. , inflatable balls, float houses,..

Foam pit in trampoline park

Foam pit in trampoline park

Obstacle course in the trampoline park

Obstacle course in the trampoline park

This model has many attractive games with trampoline mats, combined with a number of other games such as basketball, mountain climbing, obstacle course, Sasuke climbing movement, skateboarding, etc. In addition, this is also a Extremely impressive and unique virtual check-in space for young people.

Trampoline park is a great place to “relieve stress” for both adults and children. This model allows for collective and team activities with extremely attractive group games. It is an ideal entertainment place for everyone on weekends and holidays. All games help challenge the body’s endurance, agility, and muscle flexibility.

3. Popular trampoline park models

Currently, there are hundreds of different models of trampoline parks . Below, Winam would like to share some popular sprung floor models so readers can have a more detailed look at this game.

3.1. Indoor trampoline model

Indoor trampoline amusement park is the most popular trampoline model today. Previously, indoor sprung floor designs were inspired by foreign models. But up to now, amusement parks with trampolines have many differences and have characteristics that are more suitable for Vietnamese people’s physical condition.

Indoor trampoline park model combined with skateboarding

Indoor trampoline park model combined with skateboarding

As mentioned above, the indoor park has a full and diverse range of trampoline games: jump up and down on the trampoline, try adventure sports such as skateboarding, rock climbing, …. The tarpaulins are designed to have a large area, stretching across a large space designed to ensure absolute safety.

So no matter what style of exercise or game, there is no fear of falling or getting injured.

The characteristic of the indoor sprung floor model is that the investor needs to have a large space fund, which must be planned in detail from design to construction and installation, ensuring safety and quality factors. amount of equipment.

This model is suitable for toll collection business activities, but investment costs are also quite high, so investors need to calculate the most reasonable cost balance to earn the desired profit.

3.2. Outdoor trampoline park

For the outdoor model, trampoline park will be simpler because the environmental conditions are not much suitable for the equipment like an indoor park. At the same time, elements of game format or ability to combine with other games will also be more limited.

Large outdoor trampoline park

Large outdoor trampoline park

Outdoor trampoline parks must also ensure sufficient area (the area must be large), safety and strong protective barriers. They are built in combination with outdoor entertainment areas with children’s playgrounds, multi-purpose sports stadiums, and public parks. plus,…or combined in a children’s play area with seesaws, swinging animals, slides, houses, etc. (mini trampoline).

Mini trampoline for outdoor children's playground

Mini trampoline for outdoor children’s playground

In addition, today’s trampoline products also incorporate music and lighting to make playing more interesting. When jumping up and down on the sprung floor, the sensor helps the sprung floor play music and at the same time have extremely eye-catching moving lights.

Trampoline play light & music - Trampoline combining sound and light

Trampoline play light & music – Trampoline that combines sound and light

4. Winam specializes in constructing Trampoline trampolines

Nowadays, entertainment needs are increasingly diverse and more demanding, requiring amusement park investors to always update and change many eye-catching designs and types to better satisfy customers. grumpy.

Understanding this, over the past 10 years, Winam is proud to be a leader in the industry amusement area design consulting indoor and outdoor with unique new ideas and designs, leading the current entertainment market trends.

Winam specializes in constructing prestigious trampoline parks

Winam specializes in constructing prestigious trampoline parks

Winam  ‘s sprung flooring products for play areas are imported from world-famous brands specializing in high-end sprung floors. world such as Eurotramp (Germany), Abc Play (Poland),… All products are manufactured on modern technological lines, fully meeting the safety and quality criteria according to European standards. .

Above are the most general concepts and information about trampoline games and popular trampoline play models today. Hopefully through this article, you will have a new idea for your business plan as well as an attractive and new fun suggestion for the whole family.

Winam receives full design and construction consultancy trampoline park, indoor children’s play area combined with trampoline floor , outdoor children’s playground using mini trampoline. For all needs regarding the construction of sprung floors and trampolines, please contact Winam at hotline 09 6161 0202 for the fastest and most timely support.

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