Winam provides and installs boxing competition floors in Binh Dinh province

Winam provides and installs boxing competition floors for Binh Dinh province

Winam is a leading reputable supplier of sports equipment in Vietnam. Recently, we have completed the project of supplying and installing a boxing competition floor for the Sports Training and Competition Center of Binh Dinh province.

The project is one of the efforts to help improve the quality of facilities serving boxing training and competition in the province. Contribute to promoting the movement of sports training and competition, improving the health of local people.

The process of installing and completing the boxing competition floor

The boxing competition floor provided by Winam is manufactured according to international standards, ensuring high quality and safety for athletes. The stage floor is made from high-quality materials, is highly durable and can withstand strong impacts. The size of the ring floor complies with the regulations of the International Boxing Federation, ensuring it is suitable for professional matches.

Besides providing the floor, Winam also supports complete installation:

  • The stage floor is installed properly, safely and securely.
  • The floor surface is flat, not rough, ensuring easy movement for athletes.
  • The rope system is evenly tensioned, ensuring safety for athletes during competition.

With the supply and installation of a boxing competition floor for the Binh Dinh Provincial Sports Training and Competition Center, Winam wishes to contribute to improving the quality of training and competition for the province’s boxing athletes. .

Winam commits:

  • Providing high quality sports products, safe and suitable for use.
  • Providing professional, fast and effective installation services.
  • Attentive customer support before, during and after using the product.

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