WINAM’s International Design Consulting Service – Raising Ideas, Reaching Out to the World

Dear WINAM Customers,

We are pleased to introduce to you an important milestone in our development journey – International Design Consulting Service. This service aims to meet the increasing demand for international projects and aims to bring innovative and outstanding solutions to our customers globally.

With its head office located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, WINAM has gradually affirmed its position as a leading expert in the field of consulting, designing, and implementing children’s playground projects, amusement parks, and sports facilities, so far WINAM has implemented thousands of projects at home and abroad. The success of WINAM cannot be achieved without the support and trust of our customers, and we sincerely thank you for accompanying you on the journey that has lasted for more than a decade.

With extensive experience and specialized knowledge, our team of experts is ready to provide high-quality design and consulting services for your international projects. We are committed to providing optimal solutions, tailored to each specific project’s requirements, ensuring that every design not only meets but also exceeds international standards.

Why Choose Our Design Consulting Service?

  • Global Competence: Our team consists of talented professionals with diverse international experience. We are committed to bringing your project creativity and quality that far exceeds international standards.
  • Comprehensive Solution: We provide a comprehensive design solution from start to finish. From initial concept to equipment selection, installation, and project handover, we make sure every aspect is carefully considered.
  • Customization on Demand: Every project is a world of its own, and we understand the value of custom design. We will work with our customers to ensure that every solution is created perfectly in line with your goals and requirements.
  • Implementation Experience: We have rich experience in implementing projects for children’s playgrounds, amusement parks, and sports facilities. Our understanding of the process and technical requirements helps us ensure your project goes smoothly.
  • Key Focus: With meticulous attention to detail, we create designs that are not only interesting but also safe and environmentally sound, especially in projects. related to children.

When you choose WINAM’s international design services, you are putting your trust in a professional team with the vision and ability to bring excellent design solutions, accompanying you to build impressive projects. image on a global scale.

Favorable Design Costs

To ensure a high quality of service and to suit the special requirements of international projects, we would like to introduce a preferential design price. This fee will be calculated based on approximately 3% of the total project budget, saving you money during the design process.

Why Design Fees?

For projects valued at $500,000 or more, a carefully designed plan and professionally executed is essential to achieving success. Paying a design fee makes it possible for us to devote the necessary resources, time, and knowledge to create a design that meets your expectations and meets international standards.

Start the Process

If you are interested in WINAM’s design consulting services and want to take your international project to the next level, please contact us today. We will work with you to assess the potential of the project, review the budget, and analyze the design fees in a clear and transparent manner.

We sincerely thank you for your interest and look forward to having the opportunity to cooperate, to make your vision a reality together.

Best regards,


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