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MerPerle Hon Tam Resort owns a unique location on Hon Tam Island, one of the four most beautiful islands in Nha Trang Bay. Immerse yourself in the poetic nature, where the sea and sky intersect, covered by an excellent blue color, opening a high-class resting space to enjoy superb relaxation between the pristine mountain landscape and the blue sky.

MerPerle Hon Tam Resort

Hon Tam Island – one of the four most beautiful islands in Nha Trang Bay

MerPerle Resort set its sights high when it created a new flagship park at the existing Hon Tam play area site in the island’s heart. They wanted to create a memorable play experience for toddlers, juniors, teenagers, and their customers alike to enjoy.

The client had a budget of $200,000 for this project and wanted the play equipment to be grouped into two zones and one water fountain. The project’s overarching aim was to create a space where families and teenagers would like to spend more time because of the design and stimulating equipment chosen.

Luxurious, nature-friendly design where you can listen to the birdsong in the bedroom or watch the diverse marine ecosystem with beautiful coral reefs when participating in sea walking games, especially exploring the sea. Explore the park that can accommodate up to 100 children.

“I was pleased to be involved in the delivery of this sizable project. Not only did WINAM win the tender with an amazing woodland-themed design against seven other competitors, but we successfully delivered on time and budget a substantial destination play area that the resort can be proud of their customers the can repeatedly enjoy!”

Mai Le, WINAM Project Manager

MerPerle Hon Tam Resort MerPerle Hon Tam Resort

MerPerle Hon Tam Resort

In keeping with the woodland and nature theme, all the equipment looks vibrant, aesthetically pleasing and includes units from the Origin’ range that utilize the natural Robinia timber. WINAM also had HPL (High-pressurised laminate) panels with nature-inspired designs imprinted on them to further add to the sense of wonder.

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