Experience in running a children’s play area business to make quick profits

Investment playground business children’s is an increasingly popular form of entrepreneurship in the playground equipment industry. When material life improves, children’s play needs are also met more. Amusement parks, indoor and outdoor playgrounds with fees appear as an inevitable consequence.

However, not every investment brings profits, but sometimes capital recovery is slow and even results in losses. So, how to a children’s play area business earn the fastest profit? Let’s find out with Winam through the article below!

1. Make a children’s play area business plan

Any business project needs to have a specific plan before starting to implement it. You need to plan your play area business for children in great detail and specify each step. From site preparation, funding, construction methods to operating procedures when the amusement park comes into operation, everything must be calculated in advance.

Why do we need to plan? Because, in reality, investing in an amusement park is not simple, especially in a field that is quite picky about service users.

You must visualize and detail the construction start time, operating time, expected time to get a return on capital, risks that will occur, impact of weather conditions, etc.

“A clear and reasonable amusement park business strategy will greatly shorten the remaining steps in the process of building and completing the amusement park.”

Amusement park business must have a clear plan

Amusement park business must have a clear plan

2. Conditions for children’s play area business 

As a unit with many years of experience in the field of consulting on design and construction of amusement parks, Winam would like to share with readers the conditions and Children’s amusement park business experience that any investor must pay attention to:

2.1. Ground location

The first prerequisite in children’s play area business is premises. To open an amusement park, you must have a space that is not too large, not too cramped and suitable for the estimated budget.

The main users of the amusement park are children, so the premises need to be chosen in densely populated areas, big roads, and many commercial activities. Do not open playgrounds in areas with few people, wilderness, etc. Choose dry areas, away from wind direction, less affected by erratic weather conditions such as rain, storms, floods, etc.

For an indoor play area, you can use premises in buildings, shopping centers, etc. if there is no available land or house… As for an outdoor play area, a large space is needed. Many public utilities (parks, community areas, etc.) can buy large plots of land or rent large areas that are not in use.

The area for building an amusement park must match the estimated budget in case you rent space for business. You should not rent an area that is too large but only have enough money to build ½ of the area. This will waste a large amount of money due to monthly rental costs. You should also not choose an area that is too small because the play area must be spacious and airy.

In the long run, choosing the right premises will attract customers better and help the amusement park operate stably and effectively.

You should choose a play area with suitable space

You should choose a play area with suitable space

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2.2. Investment costs

The second necessary condition for amusement park business is financial resources. If you do not have finances, you cannot buy or rent land to build an amusement park unless you already have land or a house. If you don’t have money, you can’t buy equipment, and the amusement park won’t be able to operate.

Better yet, you need to prepare enough money to build the amusement park until it becomes operational. If you really don’t have enough, you can borrow, but you need to calculate the time to repay the money and avoid unnecessary costs.

Normally, the investment cost for an amusement park will be 3.5-4 million VND/m2 of floor area. However, this cost also depends on many other factors such as equipment origin (domestic or imported goods,…), quantity and price of equipment,…

The cost of the amusement park depends on the needs and specific location of the amusement park. When running a children’s play area business in rural areas , the need for entertainment is not too high, so the cost will be lower than in urban areas. , downtown. Areas with a lot of competition must invest more in amusement equipment and service quality, because if they do not invest, the scene of opening an amusement park with no players will be inevitable sooner or later.

2.3. Operational human resources

Human resources are also an important factor for the amusement park. For the amusement park to operate, you need a sufficient staff. Initially, you should not hire too many employees but should take advantage of family resources to minimize costs. When the amusement park comes into operation, it is necessary to recruit the appropriate number of employees.

Priority is given to personnel who are knowledgeable or have experience operating the amusement park, are careful, meticulous and handle situations well (you need to anticipate this because the amusement park is where many situations occur. difficult to handle).

A well-groomed staff will help the amusement park operate smoothly and retain customers better.

2.4. Amusement equipment supplier

When building a playground, you need to choose a playground equipment supplier. You should only choose one supplier for all the expected equipment in the playground (in case the supplier does not provide enough, choose more). This will make future maintenance more convenient.

Nowadays, choosing comprehensive amusement park installation consulting services is a priority for many investors, instead of doing it step by step themselves. This is also a perfect solution because it helps the amusement park to be built quickly and completely without being too expensive. You also don’t have to waste time finding a unit to perform each step throughout the construction process.

The amusement equipment supplier must be a reputable unit with a lot of experience in the field of playground equipment, providing you with a good guarantee in terms of warranty and maintenance. Play equipment needs to have a clear origin, materials that are safe for children, and be affordable.

Choosing a reputable playground equipment supplier will help you get quality equipment and receive free consultation from design, construction, installation to operation.

You should choose a supplier that advises on the construction of a complete amusement park

You should choose a supplier that advises on the construction of a complete amusement park

2.5. Legal documents

Because it is a business activity, legal documents must be fully completed. Once you have land fund to build, you need a construction permit, children’s play area business license (business license for company form and individual household business license for individual form,..).

There are also documents related to taxes, fees, lease contracts, house lease, land lease,… and a number of other legal documents.

When preparing to open an amusement park, you need to research carefully, have all the documents confirmed by the local government, then proceed with construction. Avoid situations where you need to apply for a permit after completing the construction. It is obvious that you will have to pay a large fine or demolish it over and over again.

2.6. Design of children’s play area and games

After finding a design consultant, your job will be to come up with ideas (number of play equipment, type of equipment, equipment location, floor area, auxiliary construction area,…) to order. The contractor completes the design according to his wishes. Usually, if you don’t have an idea, design units will present you with a few 2D and 3D designs for you to choose from.

You need to base on your needs, budget, and site conditions to choose the most suitable design. Usually, in 3D designs, you will clearly see and visualize each playground equipment and its location. From there, you and the consultant give feedback to complete the drawing.

For choosing games, it is necessary to base it on the cost and actual needs of the amusement park. For example, in an amusement park at a shopping center, you should invest in new, modern games that keep up with the general market trend.

Choosing a game must also be suitable for the type of play area. You can’t choose indoor play equipment for an outdoor playground, right?

Blueprint and playground equipment also play an important role when building a playground. Because only if the playground is beautiful, has quality equipment, and is diverse, it will attract many children to play.

Each project needs a design suitable to customer needs

Each project needs a design suitable to customer needs

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2.7. Advertising strategy, additional services

In order for the amusement park to become known to many people, the only way is to invest and have an effective advertising strategy. There are many ways to advertise an amusement park, you should do marketing right from the time the project is still on paper.

If you want to run an amusement park business , you need to advertise in many different forms such as posting information on social network channels, Use advertising posters, direct communication (word of mouth, loudspeakers, etc.)…For the sole purpose of letting people know about your amusement park.

You can also open additional services to create a natural source of customers by combining a dining and entertainment complex, a coffee shop combined with an amusement park, a mini supermarket combined with an amusement park, etc. Investment Add a waiting area for parents, massage chairs, etc. to attract customers.

2.8. Set up regulations for children’s play areas

Why is it necessary to have regulations on children’s play areas? These are general principles for everyone when coming to the amusement park to minimize harm and unwanted situations that occur during play.

This set of rules includes: regulations for children coming to play, for parents (guardians), regulations for using play equipment and regulations for amusement park staff. They must be built in a detailed, specific and easy-to-understand manner.

So that any object when looking at it can read and comply correctly. At this time, the amusement park can operate stably for a long time and gain a lot of added value.

3. Business idea for children’s play area

The above are the necessary conditions for to invest in an amusement park business, besides, we also need to clearly understand about your own business idea. There are 2 popular models being applied by most investors. Join Winam to learn about business ideas from these two models!

Amusement park business needs a reasonable idea

Amusement park business needs a reasonable idea

3.1. Outdoor amusement park business

Currently, besides children’s playgrounds in parks or apartment complexes or urban areas, most children do not have a proper playground. It is from this practical need that the ideas of outdoor amusement park business are born. Not only does it meet the entertainment needs of children, but it also creates a source of income from unused land funds.

For an outdoor play area, you can build according to 2 ideas:

If there is available space: invest in building a fee-based play area similar to an indoor play area with playground equipment. It is possible to install fixed equipment for long-term use, combining swimming pools, restaurants, camping, picnics, outdoor picnics, etc.

If renting premises: invest in easy-to-move equipment (electric vehicles, mini bicycles, etc.), fishing area, statue bowls, large inflatables, etc. games for a fee, combined with other services. food, drink, and entertainment.

The advantage of an outdoor play area is to take advantage of empty space outside, low construction costs, airy, and close to nature. The big disadvantage is that it is necessary to invest in a rain and sun protection system, the equipment can easily degrade, and the high price of children’s play area equipment  is common. incidents that arise (the landlord reclaims the premises, when the weather conditions are unusual, it is difficult to compete with the indoor amusement park, etc.).

Outdoor play area business idea

Amusement park business idea outdoor

3.2. Business of indoor children’s play area

The indoor play area model has existed for a long time and is increasingly diverse with countless new ideas. There are many trends in building indoor play areas, you need to choose the right idea based on your needs and conditions.

Some of the most popular forms are mini supermarkets built in combination with play areas, coffee shops combined with play areas, kids clubs – models of entertainment complexes in shopping centers. , traditional indoor children’s play area with tickets, snow house play area model, climbing net system, high trampoline floor level,….

The advantage of an indoor play area is that it is not affected by weather conditions, the equipment cost is not too high, it is easy to maintain and replace, etc. The disadvantage is that it costs a lot of money. For the decoration process of construction and operation, indoor children’s play area equipment is not as diverse in design as outdoor play areas.

In general, each idea of amusement area business has certain pluses and minuses. Each investor depends on their needs and target audience to choose the most suitable idea for their investment project.

Indoor amusement park business model

Indoor amusement park business model

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4. Reputable design and construction consulting unit for all-inclusive amusement parks 

The need to open an amusement park will go hand in hand with the need to find a reputable design and construction consulting unit for a complete amusement park. Understanding this, over the years, each member of Winam has always tried to cultivate and perfect to become the leading children’s playground design consultant in Vietnam. Bringing investors the most perfect and quality amusement parks.

Complete amusement park design and construction consulting unit - Winam

Complete amusement park design and construction consulting unit – Winam

Winam undertakes full construction of children’s playgrounds, from consulting customers on ideas, choosing each equipment, to manufacturing, supply and installation Enter the play area, post-installation maintenance warranty.

Process of receiving consultation on design and construction of children’s playground at Winam:

  • B1. Receive customer information
  • B2. Come up with ideas for building an amusement park based on customer needs (types of equipment in the amusement park, equipment layout, location of auxiliary works…).
  • B3. Build a design of outdoor children’s play area , indoor,… to present to customers and finalize construction plans
  • B4. Order or produce equipment, accept equipment
  • B5. Complete construction and installation of the amusement park
  • B5. Acceptance after construction
  • B6. Warranty and maintenance

In each project, Winam is always flexible in design and construction consulting options to suit the actual conditions of each customer. So, don’t hesitate to come up with your ideas because we are always ready to turn your amusement park investment ideas into reality.

The above are all shares on how to invest in amusement area business to get the fastest profits. Hopefully, through the above information, you have partly visualized the process as well as the necessary conditions when wanting to open a complete children’s play area. Wishing you success with your investment project!

For any need for consulting, design, and installation of a complete amusement park, please fill out the form: Information before quoting or contact Winam at hotline: 09 6161 0202 for quick and timely support.

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