How much does it cost to build a 100m2 amusement park?

Place area and cost are two issues that investors need to consider when building an amusement park. If the premises are too small, it will be cramped and lack play space for children. If the premises are too large, the investment costs will not be enough. If the construction does not cover all the area, it will be wasteful. In today’s article, we invite you to join Winam in finding out how much it costs to build a 100m2 amusement park understand how to choose the floor area to suit your costs!

Cost and area of ​​the play area often depend on each other

Cost and area of ​​the play area often depend on each other

1. What do you need to prepare before building an amusement park?

Model play area 100m2, 200m2 or larger all need to be fully planned and prepared with all the elements necessary. With experience in constructing many indoor and outdoor play areas, Winam would like to list the most basic elements that need to be prepared when building an play area:

  • Premises: indoor or outdoor play areas require construction premises, you can take advantage of existing premises or rent premises.
  • Legal documents related to amusement park business activities
  • Amusement park business idea: indoor play area, outdoor, combined with cafe, play area kids club, trampoline, water park,…..
  • Funding: The third factor that needs to be prepared is funding, this is also considered the most important factor that determines the “face” of the amusement park. If you have a large capital source, you can choose to invest in more modern and quality equipment, but you also need to calculate in parallel with the ability to recover capital and the cost suitability of the amusement park (for business or commercial purposes). utility works outside the area).
  • Human resources: amusement park operators, cleaning staff, you can hire part-time or take advantage of family human resources
  • Operational plan, business strategy, brand promotion.

Above are the most basic factors to prepare when investing in an amusement park. In addition, there are many other small factors (amusement park providers, electricity and water, sanitation systems, etc.), Winam will mention in more detail in a later article. We invite you to follow along and welcome us. read.

2. How much does a 100m2 amusement park cost?

Funding and amusement area area have a close relationship and when one of the two factors changes, it will greatly affect the other factor. In this article, we will consider the cost of building and installing a 100m2 play area to get a more complete view of the relationship. The relationship between these two factors as well as a clearer picture of the amusement park investment process.

How much does a 100m2 amusement park cost?

How much does a 100m2 amusement park cost?

2.1. Cost of building a 100m2 indoor play area

For a 100m2 amusement park for indoor children, the conditions are already available. Construction costs are often divided into two groups: popular goods and high-end goods. For ordinary goods, the construction cost is 3.5 – 4 million VND/m2 of area. For the high-end segment, construction costs range from 5-6 million VND/m2 to 11-15 million VND/m2 (play areas require special safety requirements or modern machinery and equipment – machines). games, billiards, indoor bowling,..,..).

Amusement parks that use game machines have quite large investment costs

Amusement parks that use game machines have quite large investment costs

So it can be seen that the actual cost of building an indoor amusement park will depend on the equipment factor rather than the construction area. However, because of limited budget, you cannot choose to build a play area with an area that is too narrow, there is no space for children to play, the equipment will not be diverse, etc.

For the purpose of building a pure entertainment area without adding cafes or restaurants, shopping areas, etc., the minimum area to build should be 100m2. In case you do not have a pre-built premises, the cost will be 100-200 million higher (rent for the first months, money to build surrounding walls, toilets, waiting areas, etc.). Normally you only have to pay this amount once during the construction and operation of the amusement park (except in the case of moving premises or renovating, etc.).

2.2. Cost of building a 100m2 outdoor play area

100m2 amusement park outdoor, the construction cost is approximately the same as an indoor play area with domestically produced conditions. Foreign imported goods will have different prices depending on the location of the importer and will be higher than domestic goods. Imported goods from China will have lower prices than those from European and American countries due to the large difference in import costs between countries.

The 100m2 outdoor children’s play area is mainly a free play area, built to serve the play needs of children in residential areas, neighborhoods, densely populated urban areas, etc. As for the purpose Serving fee collection business, amusement parks often have an area many times larger than 200m2, 500m2, even 1000m2. Outdoor play areas usually do not cost too much money to build a space, but they do cost a lot to rent a space (in case there is no available space) and buy equipment.

Outdoor play areas often have large areas

Outdoor play areas often have large areas

For an area of ​​100m2 for public purposes, the play area is usually arranged with sets, climbing equipment, single equipment such as swings, bouncing animals, etc. The cost is around 300 up to 500 million VND, imported high-end goods can cost up to 1-2 billion VND.

Design model for a 100m2 outdoor play area for an urban area

Design model for a 100m2 outdoor play area for an urban area

3. Prestigious children’s play area consulting and construction design unit in Saigon

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of children’s playground equipment, Winam is proud to be a reputable construction design and consulting unit trusted by domestic and foreign customers. Projects built by Winam are present in almost every province and city, meeting the entertainment needs of millions of children.

Winam is a contractor trusted by many construction, real estate, education, etc. corporations and has become long-term partners such as: VinGroup, NovaLand, Dat Xanh, Hung Thinh Corp, Phat Dat,..Winam is also confident in reaching out, bringing its products to Southeast Asian countries (Laos, Myanmar, Philippines…).

Winam – A reputable children’s play area builder in Saigon

The amusement equipment that Winam provides and installs is manufactured on modern technological lines, diverse in design, origin and price. Meet the needs of all customers.

Above are Winam’s shares about construction costs 100m2 amusement park. Hopefully through this article, you will somewhat visualize an amusement park construction project as well as the necessary preparations for it. Thank you for reading this article.

For all needs of consulting, design, and construction of amusement parks and children’s playgrounds, please fill out the form: Information before quoting  or contact Winam at hotline: 09 6161 0202 for quick and timely support.

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